Vacuum of the water pump, how to use

Vacuum pump for penis is not only intimate toy, which allows You to make the penis bigger and thicker. It is also a element that can help to improve the quality of your intimate life, to help align the penis when the curvature, get rid of premature ejaculation... but the vacuum pump must be able to use properly, and only in this case one can get a good result, that will stay with you forever!

The correct use of the pumps of empty for the penis.

vacuum of a penis

The first thing that You should know before using any type of pump, the penis must be relaxed, in the quiet state, and preferably heated. To do this, You can take a hot shower (bath) in a matter of minutes, or warm up the penis by means of massage movements. But keep in mind that the process of warming the penis must not become a masturbation. To warm up the penis apply on a member of the lubricant and massage movements from the base up to the head massaging lubricant, lightly pulling the cock in different directions when it reaches the head.

Sometimes we wonder if it is worth heating up the penis warming ointment, for example, as we use it for back pain. It is not worth. Just warm up the penis with warm water.

After the penis is warmed up you can dress up to the pump.

Vacuum pump for the penis can have different sizes and download options vacuum. Our online store offers a wide range of vacuum pumps and before each client, the question arises: what kind of pump to choose?

Of course, as in any product in the market, the price depends on the quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Some of the pump can be equipped with additional equipment, for example the control of the vibrations of the system, with hoops, rings to maintain the erection, etc but not menie the principle of operation of all the pumps for the penis itself. Therefore, choose a pump, which Is with the joy of awakening to enjoy and no matter what factor when choosing use. Even if You just like the color of the pump is already an important factor, that wakes You stimulate to use it.

Vacuum pump for penis is sufficiently fascinating toy. In the first place is fascinating is that the result of it is immediately visible. In flasks many pumps to say, the graduation, and with each new procedure you're going to notice that the penis becomes larger. Also, after the procedure You will visually see the difference between the "Before" and "After". Of course, this effect may not gladden the eyes and no doubt many men with each session they want to achieve great results. But remember that a procedure should not occupy more than 15-20 minutes. If you want to get more better result, then do an additional session via a couple of hours, but again, no more than 15-20 minutes.

As not to hurt vacuum pump for the penis

Many men mistakenly believe that the greater the pressure created in the interior of the pump, the more and faster the result of the receive. But this is an erroneous opinion!

Vacuum pump for the penis is not a magic wand, and the process of cell increase, in which you must spend the time. Therefore, necessarily, at the time of use, create what is the pressure inside the pump, the penis is awakened to be in tension, but no pain effect. The pain, in this case, it is a sign that You exaggerated and the need to loosen some of the pressure.

After a while, You will feel that the pressure within the pump slightly weakened. This is normal. Simply increase a little the pressure, and do this several times during the procedure, while maintaining this pressure, in which the penis lies in the tense condition, but without pain. Literally, in the following procedure, and with the rest of the procedure, you will notice that the penis size gets bigger and you can also create stronger than the pressure inside the pump.

the devices for penis enlargement

At the end of the procedure, movements of massage do massage of the penis for several minutes. It is best to use a lubricant or special oil (ointment, cream, gel, lubricant... for the increase of the penis).