As to enlarge the member

All the magic of the drug, which displays advertising, in the best case will make you more poor, in the worst cases, cause damage to the health. The only sure way to increase your member — do the operation, but it is unlikely that the grief of the victims.

What normal size

The normal size of a member in erection is 10-18 cm the most. The average of the length — 13,12 see the large Scattering, and that without taking into account the thickness and the shape. Pathologically small bodies (less than 7.5 cm, while that of erection) are extremely rare. So, probably, the man, the dream of adding centimetres, is shaken in vain.

as to enlarge the member

Of the 92 people who complained in the small member and requested that the university of cairo, the owner is really short of the authority was not none. That is to say, the 92 normal of a guy decided, that they have small sexual organs, when it was not so. Men actually small members there are, simply, their number is not as large as it seems by men.

As to enlarge the member with the operations of

The size of the penis does not affect urination and erection. Therefore, in general, any operation of increase of a member it is only the beauty and not recommended in any other place, in addition to cosmetic surgery clinics. Initially, this type of intervention is designed for men, of which there are difficulty in urination due to injuries or birth defects.

The operations of serious complications:

  1. Of the infection.
  2. The formation of scars.
  3. Impotence.
  4. Loss of the sensitivity.

Therefore, to have recourse to it in case of emergency: not when I want a little more, and when there are health problems. There are several techniques that change the sizes of penis.

The operation

It is an intervention that cut the ligament between the penis and the bone. Sexual organ, not close to the bones, in a state of excitement, it seems longer, does not retain the package.

On the operation, there are no illusions. The member will be no more, nor twice, nor in a year and a half. No surgeon, if he is honest, will not tell you exactly how much increase the penis. It all depends on the anatomical characteristics of each patient, but an increase of more than 3 cm it is the luck, or the myth. Therefore, the result of this intervention satisfied with only 35% of the patients.

Even after the successful operation, there may appear unwanted side effects. Due to the dissection of the ligament changes the angle of elevation of the penis when it is erect, and the pubic of the skin — along with the mantle of hair — it will become in the skin of a member of the foundation. Better not to imagine is what it seems.

The operation of a thickening of the member

To make a member thicker, use a variety of silicone implants or the patient's own tissues. This is the controversial procedure, who have many contraindications.

With the help of the prodding penis will also become thicker. The patient collects in body fat and are injected into the penis. In consequence, the authority is swollen and becomes wider. But for a short time: the method lots of unpleasant consequences. The most common is the adipose tissue starts to move unevenly under the skin. Finally, in some places form clumps, while in other failures. To correct the shape and look of, you can only with the help of a surgical intervention.

As enlarge the penis without surgery

the operation of increase of a member of the

There is no "home" of the methods that would allow to make the sexual organ larger and thicker. All that promises the growth never-ending, it is marketing gimmicks or direct a hoax. That's what exactly does not work:

  1. The tablet. Pills penis enlargement supplements are the mixture of vitamins, herbs, plant extracts and rare ingredients and hormones. None of these tools do not change the size of the penis. In addition, are not registered as medicines and, therefore, the production of one controls. Therefore, unknown, which, in reality, in the tablet (well, if nothing else).
  2. Creams, lotions. The composition of them is the same as that of the additives, only the form of presentation of the other. Due to local, irritation, or swelling may appear to be a temporary effect of the increase, but it is frustrating and dangerous type of cosmetics, also, not checked.
  3. Hell-the mix. The advertising attracts dubious web sites and offers to compose something of balm "Asterisk", and the bicarbonate of sodium or of other not less strange ingredients. In what proportions or offered to mix the components, we do not recommend to put the result into the penis, as, in addition to, and in no other place.
  4. Pumps. Mechanical impact in the penis causes the inflow of blood and a small edema, so that at some time a member looks bigger. But this passes quickly, and if the use of pump frequency, it can damage the tissue of the penis, so that is deformed or begin the trouble with erections.
  5. Exercises. The technique of the "Jelking" is a self-massage of the base of the member to the head with the delay of the ejaculation. Other diy-methods of increase, exercise is not there is evidence of work, and the complications: the pain and the tension.

There are still non-surgical method of application of an extender, modest efficacy that they confirmed a bit of research. Several months of use extender can increase the penis by 1-3 inches But these studies are too small and are not only the confirmation of the effectiveness of the methodology. In addition, the independent increase is not recommended: this can damage the blood vessels, the narrowing of the urethra, priapism.

What to do if a member appears to be small

The or repeated, that the size is not important, men still survive.

What's more interesting is that according to the results of surveys of women in 85% of cases like the dimensions of the couple. Men of the same length and the circumference of his penis should be only in 55% of cases.

When it does not not think in dimensions, try to do at least what is within your reach.

The real possibility to increase the penis — reduce what's around him. The truth is that this only affects men with excess weight. Sometimes, just losing weight for the tissues that surround it have left to hide the genitals. Hard irons on top of the average member is best seen in the abdomen above the large.

the small member of the

An easier way to bring order in the vegetation, if it is too dense. For example, by the trimmer.

And remember: what you see in porn, is the result of casting and the characteristics of the decision. That tormented by the often imaginary problems, pay attention to the physical health, power, and technology of sex.