As enlarge the penis without surgery

As enlarge the penis without surgery? This is a common question that men on the internet on specialized sites, or, as in the doctor.

a penis without surgery

This is possible, and which will be discussed later, having examined the principal methods and techniques.

Cream or pills to choose

In relation to safe and effective tablets for those who buy or in the pharmacy or on the internet-provider. To do this does not requires a prescription, but consult on the issue of the choice of the products is a condition of the correct option.

On the basis of the tools are the medicinal plants in their combination to promote the flow of blood to the sexual organ. Thanks to this, the member becomes thicker and longer – you must choose the effects that have already been shown with the positive side of himself.

It is important not to take the medication, based on the advice of friends or clients, you must pick up the doctor, based on the results of the inspection, the testing laboratory.

Local funds

Apply and special gels and ointments. These drugs can be conditionally divided into 3 groups on the effect of the duration of the resulting effect:

  • of short duration;
  • of long duration;
  • applied as auxiliary means.

The use of goods

And as enlarge the penis without surgery? Use the old and tested method to hang the penis burden. The popular source has scientific justification, and even doctors considered effective to increase the dignity of man.

According to medical research – 2 years to bring in the penis of the load or of the same by the application of an expander in 2 see the penis.

Are all the days for several hours – this is awkward, but gives visible results. As a disadvantage of the method of increase – reduction of the sensitivity of the penis, it is not possible to exclude an error in the work of the organs and internal systems.

Vacuum of the water pump

So growth of your penis without surgery is possible in the home and with the help of a special device the vacuum pump.

The increase of the member is based on the principle of the influence on the genital organ of the low pressure of the blood under the pressure of the work, especially the body and extends in length and the face.

In addition, during 10-15 minutes, produces not only a penis of the size, but the recovery of the erection – this practice is sample of write a little bit before sex. In addition to the increase in age of childbearing, of the authority in the amount, the method allows to increase the sensitivity.

Home remedies and recipes

Not all men to accept it in himself to apply to write above techniques of increasing its dignity – that are painful and uncomfortable, they are expensive.

Because it can resort to the help of the media and the recipes of the arsenal of folk medicine:

special tools for penis enlargement
  1. The herb thyme – scald at the rate of 20 g in the glass of the abrupt boiling water and insist hour in the morning and at night takes up half of the glass. The course of the reception – month.
  2. The tincture of alcohol of garlic 25 drops taken three times a day, course of at least 3 months. What is important in this case, dilute previously in equal proportions with olive oil – this will help to increase the effect, and leaves no burns to the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  3. The mixture of the fruits of hawthorn and ginseng root, the leaf on the tree of ginkgo – all the components are taken in equal parts. Next in a glass of boiling water take 1 tbsp of the mixture and, insisting a couple of hours, is rubbed on the penis.
  4. The cooking of the seed of wormwood – cup, seed-scald a quart of water, boil during 15 minutes to slow fire and point out a couple of hours. After that, strain through the gauze – take 50 ml of 2-4 times a day. The course of phytotherapy month.
  5. The mixture of the milk, the butter, with the addition of herbs finely chopped asparagus, seeds of turnip and carrot – boiled on a slow fire until the full of the desolation. Take 1 tbsp three times a day, the course is 1-2 months.

Each man picks a recipe taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, the portability of a plant component.

But the essence of each one presented by the recipe – the increase of blood flow in the genital area and, in consequence, an increase in the length/thickness reproductive authority.

The men point out the positive aspects of the data of prescriptions – the prices and availability of raw materials, the simplicity and the efficiency, in addition to the reorganization of the entire organism. The truth the first positive results are manifested through 2-3 months, and after a couple of years.

Exercises to enlarge the penis

And if it is possible to enlarge penis by using specific exercises – it is very possible. The man in the home can do the exercises independently, without the need of resorting to external assistance.

The massage can practice your sexual partner. As such, and as noted by the doctors – the last option is much more effective, because the sexual arousal in this case, it becomes stronger.

The technique of execution is the following:

  1. Preheat a member of the warm, but not hot water.
  2. Gently dry soft, good absorption of moisture with a towel, and after lubing up the room of a cream or gel.
  3. With the help of the massage and the fluidity of the movements, call the erection.
  4. Next compress the body and release – repeat several times. Optimally start with 5-7 tightening, each time increasing the number.
  5. After compressing the body of the whole palm of the hand and the take of the base to the head of the member, and down, this will help to establish a process of intensification of the blood circulation.

Practicing this exercise is worth all the days, but not more than 15 minutes, or until the appearance of the bad, the painful sensations. It is important to note that the practice of these exercises is better in the morning and when the erection is no more than 50%.


Massage spend, from the mid of childbearing age, of the authority, as with the application of petroleum jelly or other lubricant, and without it.

exercises for the penis

If the lubrication does not apply – the practice of massage, movements is not greater than the time of 5-10 minutes, and you can't make a practice of more than 150 movements. Gradually increase the massage time is before 20 minutes, as the number of movements, but not more than 200 movements.