The main methods of real increase of the size of the penis

As you increase the size of the penis, if a man dissatisfied with its diameter or length? Modern medicine offers a number of methods, which are divided into conservative and operative. Read more about each one of them we will discuss in this article.

the increase of penis

Manual of techniques for the traction of a member of

Manual methods are the most popular among men, due to the benefits such as availability, ability to perform independently of the home, in addition, massage of this type does not require a financial investment. The data of the methodology to increase not only the length and width of the penis, but also improve the sexuality, the resistance at the time of the intimacy.

The massage of the genital organs is performed using the techniques of stretching and compression, which causes an increase of its filling with blood. The correct execution of a method that allows you to avoid injury and damage small, but for the comfort and safety, it is best to use a special lubricant. After a couple of months after regular execution of massage you can observe a change of the penis in the best part. The most well-known method of this category — the jelqing. In translation means "milking", during which the male uniform of the force and the speed of the movements as if it stretches the sexual organ. The procedure is carried out regularly, starting from the small. This means that in the first days it is forbidden to use the excess pressure, as well as continued massaging the member. Manual therapy of this type is carried out in the state of dimidium-erectio, so as not to damage the vascular system of the genital organs.

Options mechanics, the size of the penis

In this category are classified in the vacuum of the pump, the stretchers and lecticis.

lecticis and penis extenders are directly fixed in the ground member. As to increase the diameter of the penis, through the use of these accessories? They are the ones that serve the penis has grown in length and width, also help to straighten the sex organ.

The increase in size occurs by the stretching of the corpora cavernosa and of the ligaments of the authority. Approach to the similar method, which is performed at the manual in the method. That is to say, the result will be visible during regular use of the accessories, all the days with the gradual increase of the time and of the stretching force. Finally, the man should bring the exposure time up to 2-3 hours. The course can last from one to several months.

If a man is interested, as we increase the size of the penis just before the intimacy in a short period of time, you can use the vacuum pump. The principle of operation of your simple: sexual organ is placed in the transparent cylinder, which with the help of a pump, pumping the air. Formed in the end, the void leads to a higher copy sanguinis of the corpora cavernosa, increasing of its parameters. Time to apply the pump can not, up to a maximum of 20-30 minutes. The effect of their use, although temporary, but microgroove. Before moving on to performing a manipulation of the load, on the basis of the authority they wear rings to maintain an erection.

Vacuum of the water pump is dangerous for men. The possible risks are worth mentioning injuries, such as ruptures of vessels, abscesses, hematoma formation, and also the development of impotence.

the enlargement operation penis

Correction operation of the length of the penis

If you really increase your penis size using one of the methods conservatives? Of course, positive customers there are, but these methods have a number of the negative: the possibility of injury, the development of impotence, the jelqing if it is not done correctly leads to the curvature of the penis, are possible breakage of the vessels. Exercises to increase penis size, mainly, are of a temporary nature, that is to say, a result difficult to achieve, and the use of the vacuum pump and the short at all. Therefore, all the more of the representatives of the stronger sex are turning to traditional medicine, that is to say, the rapid modification of the configuration of the sexual organs.

The surgical intervention will increase the diameter of the penis, its length forever. Types of ram for correction:

  1. How can you increase the length of your penis? Anatomically the part of the authority as if it is hidden in the interior. This is due to the existence of ligamentous apparatus, that supports the penis. Doctors will cut the ligaments, so visually that the of him. That is to say, it reduces hidden department, its perineal portion. Ligamentous apparatus can be recovered, therefore, in the postoperative period it is important to carry weights, dilatory accessories over 6 months.
  2. As operation of the correction to increase the diameter of your penis? This method was applied previously, but he had a number of shortcomings. As well as to the increase in the width of the used their own fatty tissue, over time, this led to its absorption. The member is made of unevenly wide, bumpy, recalling cobblestone the cobblestone. Now thickening is done through the implantation of the allograft, this gives to long and more to the desired result.

The cons of the surgery of increase of a member of the

As with any surgery, plastic penis sometimes gives rise to adverse effects. In the first few weeks after the procedure there may be bleeding, long persistence of the inflammation, the long, and, perhaps, the continuous decrease of the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, the sensation of pain during erection, as well as the introduction of the infection in the wound.

After a cut of ligaments, for example, it is possible to change the angle of the erection. That is to say, excited, by the authority, "look", not up, directly or even a little below. During the sexual act can happen very unpleasant subluxation of the penis, it becomes unstable.

Transplantation of adipose tissue or allograft sometimes results in rejection, resentment, curvature, and other types of deformation. The doctor should warn the man that, very often, almost half of the cases, the result does not bring satisfaction, the patients were dissatisfied with the result of the correction.

Sometimes men seek the help of a specialist, to delete the spam to the above an erection by increasing the thickness of the head of the penis. We recommend that before you decide on surgical techniques, use of medications for the correction of erectile dysfunction. These drugs are able to prolong the sexual contact several times.

a penis

Another easy way to reduce the sensitivity of the head is the use of Lidocaine-spray, judging by the comments, it is with a good result. The spray is applied only in the area of the frenulum of the penis, to prevent the complete loss of sensitivity, and the achievement of anejaculation, that is to say, the absence of ejaculation.

The decision to modify the settings of a member of the jack the man. To do so, we recommend that you obtain a consultation with a specialist, especially the psychologist, as well as the approval of the doctors of the great majority of people have a distorted image of the structure of your body, erroneously options of penis small. If a patient has regular dimensions dignity of man, is more help to a psychiatrist, the surgeon.