How does the smoking of potency in men?

The pathology of the internal organs can be manifested after a long period with the start date of consumption of tobacco, so that for many it is difficult to establish a direct relationship between them. However, the decline in the quality of life you start to experience almost immediately. The man, regardless of their sex, worsens the well-being, it appears the lack of air reduces the physical resistance. In men, these symptoms are supplemented with problems in bed. In this article we are going to see how they affect the smoking power, and learn, how you can fix the situation, if you get rid of the habit.

the effect of smoking on the sexual power

As nicotine affects the health

The dependence of cigarettes is very quickly, but in an imperceptible way. Asked easily lie to themselves that they can cast at any time. However, faced with the need to stop smoking, they feel so strong "lomku", which quickly return to their usual, and little understood, why this happens.

Nicotine is an agonist of acetylcholine. In the central nervous system is integrated into the nicotine acetylcholine receptors, by replacing this substance, in violation of the transmission of impulses from the central nervous system to the nerve terminals peripherals affected and the muscles.

In the human body there are several types of N-acetylcholine receptors, but they are more sensitive to nicotine dopamine. Its stimulation causes the release into the blood of neurotransmitters:

  • dopamine;
  • serotonin;
  • glutamine;
  • the adrenaline;
  • the norepinephrine.

This causes a temporary increase in mood and activity, promoting the thinking and the speed of the reactions, given the influx of forces. However, the receptors rapidly oversaturated and stop responding to the stimulation. To return to cause the same feeling that the smoker is forced to consume large doses of nicotine, and to do so increasingly. So the dependence.

Apparently, the problem is not large, you can use the cigarette to enhance the tone, when it requires more quick to reach at any result, but in this case, the damage of nicotine to the body still is huge. As with all psychotropic substances, the problem lies in serious side effects. Can be divided into two groups:

  • directly related to the nicotine;
  • related to the shape of your introduction in the body (cigarettes, water-pipes, vapes Thursday, LICs and others).
Important! The cheaper the tobacco products, the worse that affects the health of men. In "cheap" cigarettes almost no tobacco, only toxins, impurities and other fillers.
nicotine affects health

The effect of smoking on the sexual power>

Nicotine, falling in the body, it spreads quickly with the blood stream. As to the 7 seconds it detects different organs and tissues. Thanks to the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, the body enters a state of stress – increased preparedness and rapid response. This is manifested in:

  • frequent beats of the heart;
  • the increase of the blood pressure;
  • the contraction and even spasm of the blood vessels;
  • decreased appetite;
  • the increased motility of the colon.

Cut the stress from any source is not harmful to humans, but if it is repeated often, it becomes chronic. It turns out that it is a smoker, in addition to the psychological stress of life's daily problems, every day suffers from 10 to 20 episodes of stress (as a function of the number of cigarettes smoked). Without a doubt, your cardiovascular system is overloaded, so it wears out much faster than a non-smoker.

Constant spasms of the vessels, interrupting the blood supply to all the internal organs. That continually are in a state of hypoxia – lack of oxygen. And due to the decrease in blood flow to the organs accumulate the products of the decomposition of nicotine, which poisons slowly.

Everything described in respect of the glands of internal secretion. With many years of tobacco smoking to observe the changes in the work:

  • the hypothalamus;
  • the pituitary gland;
  • the adrenal glands;
  • the testicles;
  • the prostate.

Due to the degradation of glandular tissue gradually decreases the synthesis of male sex hormones, which can lead to premature menopause.

As it develops the climax of the

Male menopause is a phenomenon in which the production of androgen is visibly reduced. Normally this process is recorded in the men after 60-65 years. Andropause usually takes place without difficulty, she stretched out on the time. But if the action of harmful factors (smoking, alcoholism, obesity, stress) everything happens a lot faster than before.

male menopause

The first symptoms of the pathology of the andropause, the half of the smoking experience (10 years when Smoking 5 or more cigarettes per day) occur after the age of 40. The main complaints in this period:

  • emotional instability, depression, irritability;
  • weakness, tiredness, not related to the physical loads;
  • increased sweating;
  • horse racing the HELL;
  • decreased libido;
  • the difficulty in achieving erection;
  • the absence of ejaculation or premature ejaculation;
  • the impossibility of conceiving a child, infertility;
  • the frequent urination, weak stream";
  • the weight gain when you save a regular diet.

Generally in this period, the men go to the doctor (andrologist, urologist or who are trying to make medicines for the recovery of the power, but no to quit smoking a full treatment cannot be. The first, who will advise on specialist in the reception, leave harmful habit.

The effect of nicotine on erection

The nicotine does not only suffer from the gland of internal secretion. Changes occur and in the mechanism of erection. The penis is an organ whose job is dependent on the blood cavernous tel. due to the constant spasm of the vessels of this process would be perturbed that the time leads to the sad results:

  • it quickly diminishes the erection;
  • soft penis, the difficulty with introduction into the vagina;
  • the atrophy of the penis (long-term, slowly evolving from a decrease in the size);
  • decreased libido;
  • the reduction of the sensitivity of the glans of the penis.
Important! These changes appear immediately, but through 10-15 years of smoking. However, the process is accelerated if the person neglects healthy, little moves and regularly drink.
tobacco is harmful in the body

The damage of the different forms of tobacco consumption to the health of men

People come with a lot of forms of consumption of the dried leaves, extracts from tobacco, other nikotinsoderzhaschie products. Many people mistakenly believe that it is detrimental to health only smoking – that is to say, the inhalation of smoke from burning the leaves. In reality, there are other ways that are less dangerous for the health

The smoke of the tobacco

Electronic cigarette – a slow killer to the smoker and the people around him. The damage consists in the poisoning of the organism with the products of combustion. The smoke contains many harmful substances:

  • the carbon monoxide;
  • hydrogen;
  • methane;
  • the nitrates;
  • aldehydes;
  • ketones;
  • phenols;
  • nitrosamines;
  • the heavy metals and other

Many of them directly cause cancer or promote its occurrence.

The comment will develop malignant tumors of the organ that directly comes into contact with the tobacco smoke:

  • of the oropharynx;
  • of the tongue;
  • the trachea;
  • the lungs, etc

Are frequent tumors of the digestive tract, since it drops the saliva, full of carcinogens, or cancer of the esophagus, stomach, etc).

However, cigarettes affect other organs, such as the toxic substances are disseminated with the blood stream build up in the urine (the products of the decomposition of tryptophan). The risk of prostate cancer for smokers is higher than 30%, the kidney in up to 35%.

The chronic poisoning of the body does not pass without leaving a mark, and of the testes (testicles). Because smoking decreases the chance of conception. The quality of the sperm is growing in her to appear custom of the sperm:

  • little or motionless;
  • deformed (with hoof tails, heads, no corner, etc).

The toxic substances of the smoke will aggravate the hypoxia that occurs due to a spasm of the vessels, which further violate the synthesis of androgens. According to the data of Polish and Czech scientists, in the families, where the husband smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, the frequency of sexual intercourse in 50% lower than that of non-smokers.

Not in vain is called harmful cigarette with menthol. It has been shown to reduce the sensitivity. This can lead to difficulties in the achievement of the erection and the absence of pleasure in sex, and during long hours of use at full impotence (sexual impotence).

The smoking and the power relate to the other negative of the time – the deterioration of the sense of smell. Due to the harmful effects of the smoke that smokers deprives them of the ability to perceive the pheromones, substances that cause attraction towards the opposite sex.

Water pipe

The temperature of the cigarette smoke – 300°, the squeeze grows up to about 1000°, causing damage in the respiratory tract. Therefore, many people think that smoking a hookah, in which the smoke is cooled, it is not harmful for the health. No, it is not so.

Cold, the smoke people inhale much deeper, to the dose of nicotine that enters the body, it increase. The ritual of smoking takes a long time, and as a result, you can occur the acute intoxication of nicotine (nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, panic attacks, dizziness).

Frequent smoking hookah (1-3 times per week) decreased libido and erection strength after a year already. Play this device may not more than once a month, on condition that this is the only way of beating the nicotine in the body and at the same time, the man not abusing alcohol.



The electronic cigarettes does not poison the organism of smoke. In this pros end. The damage the nicotine does not go away. On the contrary, of course of view about the safety of Vaping many begin to "float" much more so than smoking, which accelerate the onset of health problems and impotence.

Important! Very little long-term effects on the body of the glycerin, which enters into the composition of the liquid, artificial flavors. It is known that the first evil that affects the kidneys, and the second – in the lungs and the composition of the blood, but how big is the harm, it is not yet clear.

The snus

The snus is dangerous for the body the same as a water pipe, – the nicotine content is very high. Those who are accustomed to this product, it is difficult to then give up or switch to cigarettes, in which nicotine is much lower. If the attempts to stop it develops a "crush", the depression, the pressure peaks.

Due to the high dose of all of the negative consequences nicotinate manifest faster and stronger. For those who regularly use snus, have problems with memory and concentration of attention, having migraines, dizziness.

The difficulty of the recovery of the power after you quit smoking

Researchers from the united states have determined that already at 3 months after the resignation of the nicotine the part of the sperm and the power are equal to those of a nonsmoker of the person. It improves the well-being, the portability of the physics of the loads, and sleep. The only reservation – these results relate only to those young people (up to 40 years) and, in general, healthy men, with experience of smokers of less than 10 years.

Long-term abuse of nicotine (20 years ago, when Smoke more than 5 cigarettes per day), the potency and the libido is recovered to the standard of age for more than a year.

If there is an acquired chronic diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, copd), to predict the exact timing of recovery is difficult. But here to the aid come in the confidence of inhibitor drugs of the ministry of the fed-5, that will help you to feel full right of a man. Prior to the application of these medications, it is recommended to consult with your doctor, since they have contraindications.

The major difficulties expected to drop in the first two months. The withdrawal syndrome leads to reduction in the mood, the strong irritability, intemperance. In this state, not to the bedding feats.

Many men are discouraged in a healthy lifestyle, without seeing the dramatic increase in male opportunities. But it's not worth stopping at half way and return to your bad habit. Body it is only necessary to give the time to regroup. If the waiver of the cigarettes is transferred hard, it is best to consult with your doctor. Can you recommend light tranquilizers, and sleeping pills medicines.

the power gain

Increase libido and sexual potency in the period of the mold will help natural stimulants:

  • ginseng;
  • red root;
  • the lemongrass chinese;
  • rhodiola rosa;
  • goji berries.

It is recommended to consume more foods rich in easily digestible proteins – seafood, eggs, lean meat. Come in the standard will help the intake of B-group vitamins, magnesium and potassium.