Age of impotence: at what age do men start to disappear, power

Medical experts say that impotence and age have no relationship.

From the data collected it was determined that in 30% of cases the condition is diagnosed in older men, and young people — in the 10%, that for the statistics is the difference negligible.

the impotence of up to 50 years

This fact indicates that in order to avoid the emergence of the age of impotence forever. To do so, periodically you should make the prevention and immediate treatment of any kind arising out of the disease, even to those who do not have any connection with the sexual system.

At what age do men lose power?

The medicine has long been known that a significant decrease in the production of testosterone in the body occurs after the age of 35 years, and starts to act in this process, as after 27.

Of course, one can not say with safety that could occur with all men, since this depends on many individual factors.

On the basis of the clinical studies in the united states are defined from what age a man prone to the development of impotence:

  • 20 to 30 years — the problems observed in the 21%;
  • 30 to 40 years — the problems are observed in 27%;
  • from 40 to 50 years — the problems observed in 48%;
  • over 50 years of age, the problems observed in the 53%.

Less often impotence in men until the age of 50:

  • the average of age. Primarily with impotence faced by men after the age of 35, because it is during this period that the testosterone begins weakly produce. As we know, is the hormone in general and he is responsible for ability to sexual life;
  • the early onset of erectile dysfunction. Problems with powers among men from an early age began to emerge more and more, because in the first place, not with any suffering or psychological pathologies, and with the bad driving styles of life.

It can be concluded, that the most vulnerable to the problems in the intimate sphere acting men after the age of 50.

The causes of the extinction of virility

The causes of the development of impotence in men can be the following:

the causes of the
  • rare sexual activity. In particular, this is observed in men over the age of 35 years. Experts say that for the support of man's force it is necessary to regulate the sexual life, since this contributes to the improvement of the quality of sperm and increase the number of viable sperm;
  • transferred or not fully learned from the disease. This reason development of impotence, meets with sufficient frequency. And it's not always about pathologies that are related to the sexual system. On sexual potency can be affected by: prostatitis, orchitis, heart disease, arthritis, vesiculitis, diabetes mellitus, urethritis and orchiepididymitis;
  • the change of the production of testosterone;
  • unhealthy lifestyle. This includes: the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, long enough as a lack of physical activity, inactivity, and poor diet. The symptoms that disrupt the process of the circulation of the blood, by which, occurs the deterioration of the blood supply adequate sexual of the authority;
  • the use of some medications. Despite the fact that medications can affect positively in the body, for example, reduces blood pressure, but at the same time may negatively influence the sexual power.

What symptoms can determine that the man starts to lose power?

The first symptoms of the loss of power can be observed from the age of 18 years.

The most common are these signs:

  • the weak erection. Due to the onset pathological activity occurs the decrease of the hardness of the penis during sexual intercourse. Therefore, this can be a sign of neurogenic, hormonal, vascular, and other disorders;
  • the premature ejaculation. It is the uncontrolled emission of seminal fluid before the sexual act, or in the beginning of his. Usually, this symptom associated with vascular disorders;
  • the total absence of erection. This feature refers to the number of the first, and you can also manifest itself in the form of the night and spontaneous erections.

To what doctor to go to?

To find out the cause of the impotence and to proceed to treatment, in the first place, the man should consult a doctor. In the surveys discover the factors that gave rise to that state, and send the patient to the more narrow of a specialist.

Depending on the causes of impotence, it is necessary to have access to the following professionals:

  • the urologist;
  • the cardiologist;
  • andrologist;
  • venereologist;
  • the endocrinologist;
  • the sex therapist;
  • orthopedic surgeon;
  • the gastroenterologist.

The treatment of the impotence of age

In the treatment of impotence in men resort to different methods. It is typically performed in a comprehensive manner and implies, first of all, the change of life-style.

Medical therapy

the treatment of the

Medicines for the recovery of the power are formed taking into account the cause of your loss. Return the power of several hours how many of the drug-based tadalafil or sildenafil .

If the treatment is directed to the cause, can be used:

  • hormonal drugs;
  • the media aimed at the standardization of the work of the sex glands;
  • vitamins;
  • Badi.

The drugs may be in the form of tablets, gels, candles, the solutions for the introduction into the urethra.

The medications often leads to side effects, you should be prepared. Some require the compliance of the additional measures after its use in the form of, for example, sexual relations exclusively with the use of condoms.

The treatment remedies

The use of folk medicine in the treatment of impotence is very popular and effective.

Dealing with the disease will help the following recipes:

  • the fresh carrot juice should be mixed in equal proportions with honey. Consume three times a day for ¼ of the finishing of the mixture;
  • ginger in powder to be mixed with the honey of one-to-one and take three times a day, a teaspoon, along with the liquid;
  • mix 150 grams of aloe juice, 250 grams of honey, and 350 grams of cahors. Consume three times a day before meals spoon;
  • tea with the addition of cinnamon, ginger and clove;
  • grind the same number of cilantro and parsley powder, take a tablespoon before meals;
  • the daily consumption of 100 cloths in cedar nuts contribute to the strengthening of the power;
  • get the celery juice and drink 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea spoon.

Surgical treatments

Surgical therapy is assigned only in the case that the possibilities of natural recovery of the output power, and conservative methods do not give result.

The operations are capable of returning the possibility of a sexual life almost every man, 95% of interventions end up with success.

For the recovery of the power performed penile prosthesis or surgery on the blood vessels.

However, this method is quite costly and is not recommended for the people of the third age.

As to keep a powerful erection to old age?

To not have problems with impotence, throughout his life, the man must be in charge of this still with the youth. Prevention of impotence is the key of the sexual activity over the years.

For the prevention of impotence, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

the prevention of the
  • the diet should be balanced, that is to say, an important man to obtain what is necessary for the body the daily amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as of useful substances;
  • regular physical activity is hindering the stagnation phenomena in the organs of the pelvis, improves circulation, prevents stress and enhances immunity. But one should not exaggerate, the sport should be to the measure;
  • the man must avoid situations in which you can get from the injury inguinal and the lumbar region. Similar injuries can damage the nerves or stop the flow of blood, which is treated with great difficulty;
  • it is important to timely appeal to the clinical detection of the symptoms of any disease and, in consequence, it is time to get rid of them. As mentioned above, can lead to the impotence of the pathology, not only related to the sexual system, but also with the whole body;
  • it is necessary to abandon bad habits, such as drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. Nicotine and alcohol have a negative impact on the activity, the endocrine system and the nervous system;
  • you should avoid stress situations and to fill the life of a large positive number. Impotence psychological is quite common, and you will find her in the same amount, as physiological.

The rules are simple, the man is not only able to maintain power until the old age, but also will be able to keep their health at a high level throughout the years.

Impotence does not occur in people of a certain age, its occurrence is influenced by many factors. For example, you can give the wrong place of life, the constant psychological fatigue, of the different pathologies of the organ. Problems with the impotence, you can avoid any man, what more important — the time of this care.