The recovery of the power

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a medical term that means sexual impotence in men and inability to maintain an erection during the sexual act. According to the data of the statistics and the research, the diagnosis is made more than 30% of the representatives of a strong half of humanity. The disease of a certain age, erectile dysfunction affects young men, so that men in a solid age.

According to the data of diagnosis of a problem of impotence, today is quite serious. It is considered that impotence is a psychological problem, which is related to the factors of stress, insecurity and fears before the sexual act. However, thanks to the researches have revealed that the majority of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physiological causes, most of which, thanks to the most recent advances in medicine, with success, are treated in different ways.

the recovery of the power

The causes of impotence

To medical reasons, the development of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Hormonal problems (for example, the lack of testosterone);
  • Disease of the liver;
  • Nephrology from the disease;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The violation of microcirculation;
  • Cancer;
  • Chronic obesity;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The abuse of excessive alcohol and nicotine.

However, the main factor in the development of the loss of power serve to disrupt the functioning of the nervous system. Them concern:

  • The avitaminosis;
  • Chronic lack of sleep and fatigue;
  • The lack in the body of the mineral substances;
  • Regulate stress and nervous disorders.

Impotence may appear and after the operations of the spine, the bladder, the departments of the lower intestine, and prostate.

Cause erectile dysfunction can also taking certain medications: tranquilizers, diuretics, sedatives and hypotensive drugs.

Therefore, for the purpose of the treatment, you should list all the drugs you consumed prior to the onset of impotence problems.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Just like any other, the treatment of power begins with a visit to the doctor to make the diagnosis. In general, the first possible causes of the occurrence of the erectile dysfunction, the specialist knows even the first conversation with the patient. The diagnosis can be done in several steps: the Definition of the patient's complaints. The first receiving includes the collection of the clinical history, as well as the survey of the patient about the problems in your sexual life. Also the symptoms of the onset of impotence, are identified through a specially designed questionnaire of International Index of Erectile Function. This form includes 5 simple, simple questions, that help your doctor assess and collect the best practices and efficient means of allocating the treatment.

  • Psychosocial survey. This phase includes the analysis of the psychological state of the patient.The specialist also reveals the absence or the presence of the men of the depressive states. When it detects such, the patient is directed to the survey to the psychiatrist or nevrologu for the appointment of an additional treatment;
  • Physical examination. Allows you to set up better causes and determine the degree of erectile dysfunction. The main task of this stage is to identify the problems associated with the improper functioning of the thyroid gland. Here can be attributed to the loss of hair, problems with skin covers, the change of the frequency of the pulse, etc., in addition, it Also includes a physical examination of the external genitalia of man. The specialist examines the general state of the scrotum, and also identifies potential changes in the shape of a penis. At this stage also performs a diagnosis of the prostate.
  • The laboratory studies. Include the completion of the ultrasound, the measurement of the pressure of the blood in the vessels of the penis, radioisotope analysis.

In addition, it can be assigned to a series of analyses and tests, for more details diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Course of treatment for the recovery of the power

The recovery of sexual potency in men is a set of different activities, which includes a healthy diet, sport, medication, and physical therapy, the application of the different remedies, etc

Read more about each of them:

  • The medical therapy. All of the products, or as they are called in the village, sexy doping, which are applied in the clinical practice, help to achieve higher treatment efficacy, it reaches around 80%. However, their distinctive feature are the side effects that occur in the majority of men. These include: headache, redness of neck and face, the change of the visual acuity, congestion of the oral cavity.
  • Intrakavernoznye the injection of vasoactive drugs. This technique consists in the introduction of micro-injections vasoactive drugs directly into the penis just before the intimacy. This method has been widely disseminated and is considered one of the most popular for the recovery of the power.
  • Intrauretralnogo therapy. The effect of this method is very similar to the previous one, but allows you to completely rule out the injection. The therapy is absolutely painless, which is a great advantage. This technique is expensive treatment, given that drugs have a high cost. This treatment involves the compulsory use of the condom.
  • Lie - constrictor pharyngis inferior therapy. With the vacuum cylinder and the pump, the corpora cavernosa of the penis, it creates a strong negative pressure that causes the flow of blood and, in consequence, the erection, which is maintained with the help of a ring at the base. This methodology is not popular, since its efficiency is only 40-50%. Also the disadvantages include painful ejaculation, numbness of the penis, the inability to hide the ring pair and the short duration of the sexual relations (no more than 30 minutes).
  • The surgical restoration of the power. In surgery it is applied nowadays, only in exceptional cases, when the pharmacological treatment is not successful or is not valid due to the individual characteristics of the patient. This method is shown in arterial insufficiency, the blood flow in the penis. Here is a microvascular bypass, the effectiveness of this method is 30-50%.
  • Prosthesis of penis. It is the final stage of treatment of erectile dysfunction, when all other techniques have failed and have not shown results.
  • Psychotherapeutic therapy. This methodology involves the use of the three-of-the-art approach of sensuality, which recommended to pay more attention to your partner during intercourse.

The same can be and rehabilitation is a therapy that consists of a complex of several events:

  • The consultation of a psychologist;
  • The receipt of prescription drugs;
  • The herbal medicine;
  • The treatment of chronic diseases;
  • The intake of vitamins;
  • Therapeutic exercise;
  • The diet and reception of aphrodisiacs;
  • The massage, etc

In addition, the specialists recommend taking the home remedies, which enjoys a strong half of mankind for the recovery of the masculine force, since time immemorial. These include red wine, nuts, honey, seafood, garlic, sesame seeds, some types of nuts, etc

In addition to the application of several of the remedies, with good results in the treatment show the tablet to the improvement of the erection, such as Viagra, Cialis, etc will Take the data from the drug one hour before sexual intercourse.

In case of problems with impotence, in any case, you should not self-medicate. Inadequate the individual needs of health medicines, folk remedies, or advice of the internet, you can not only not see results, but also a lot of worsen the situation. Therefore, at the first symptoms, see a specialist.