How to increase potency in men after the age of 40?

How to increase potency in men after the age of 40

After 40 years of age and the majority of men begin to deal with erectile dysfunction. Their power is fading and there are several reasons. The first of these is the appearance of age different pathologies of the urinary system, and the second is reduction of testosterone production.

This is all compounded by the presence of bad habits, as well as often stay in situations of stress. In this age, many well-known of the tablet to the power-lifting have a short duration and the effect, so that the man need to use the most effective techniques.

Impotence: causes and consequences

Statistics of the reduction of the natural power starts after the age of 35 years. Slow down this process can be, but for this purpose it is necessary beforehand to take care of your body and change the style of life. To reduce the risk of the early onset of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction will help to the good food, the regular practice of sports, the release of the bad habits and timely treatment of chronic diseases. It is also important to monitor their hormonal balance, since in the majority of cases, it is the main cause of the occurrence of sexual impotence.

causes and consequences of the impotence

Unfortunately, many men ignore the advice of specialists and not to rush to change their habits. The excessive consumption of foods rich in fats, alcohol, tobacco, lack of sleep, stress – all this leads to what we have from 40 to 45 years appear adverse change in the functioning of the genital organs:

  • the weakening of the erection, or the disappearance;
  • the decrease of the quality of the ejaculate;
  • short excitation;
  • the pain in the pelvic organs when the intercourse;
  • the lack of sexual desire (libido).

This causes stress, the tension, the development of a series of complexes in terms of their android of coherence in the bed, sadness, depression, problems in the relationship.

When the first signs of deterioration in the functions of the reproductive system you must enroll immediately to your doctor, who will be appointed to a series of analyses to establish the cause of the disease.

Important! Without a consultation with a specialist and complete the laboratory diagnosis of any of the self-medication will not help to solve the problem. It is wrong to receive medications only worsen the situation.

The elimination of the causes of the disease

If in the process of the inspection, it is known that the weakening of the power influenced by the problems of a psychosocial, the patient is assigned to the course of the psychotherapy and treatment with antidepressants. The conversation with the specialist will help you in the interior of an emotional state of men, will experience, will give you the opportunity of getting out of a series of complexes. Sometimes this is enough to dispel the psychological stress, which has blocked the normal functioning of the sexual system.

When provocateur of erectile dysfunction are have any chronic illness or hormonal disorder, the doctors collected in the course of treatment of pathologies detected and the prescription of hormonal drugs. In extreme cases, the patient may be assigned to a surgical intervention, without getting rid of the root of the problems of impotence, it is not possible.

If the impotence has begun as a result of the negative effects of bad habits, excessive consumption of high calorie food and lack of physical activity, for the return of the masculine force need to review your lifestyle. To do this, emphasis should be made on healthy food, with a sufficient quantity of useful substances, exercise, stop drinking alcohol and cigarettes.

The recovery of the power

After correcting the factor that is adversely affecting the functioning of the reproductive system, the man must take care of the improvement of the power. This will help you to:

The recovery of the power
  • the special preparations;
  • methods;
  • the folk medicine;
  • the practice of chiropractic.

Normalize the functioning of the organs of the pelvis after 40 years – a very complex process, which requires the fulfillment of a huge number of recommendations, as well as the use of all these methods at the same time. Only the effect integrated over the problem of the will help you to recover the powerful power.

Pills to the strengthening of the power

Most of the medicines for the strengthening of the erection are counted in the young men not older than 35 years. After this age, its effectiveness is reduced considerably, so that they have to drink in large doses, and frequency that is stated in the instructions. The excessive number of tablets that increase the power, impact negatively on the work of the liver, so your choice should be handled with great care.

Important! Each drug has its contraindications and side effects. On them, it is necessary to know beforehand, prior to the purchase of medicines.

Hardware the strengthening of the power

In equality of conditions with medications, should take advantage of the hardware of the methodology of strengthening the power. This method involves the use of special devices.

Hardware impact on the lower part of the belly, the area around the penis, as well as the area between the testicles and the anal opening helps to get rid of many of the diseases of the pelvic organs, it will accelerate the production of testosterone, as well as to reestablish the blood circulation. In addition, this technique is capable of:

  • to reduce the sensitivity of receptors to painful;
  • to restore the functioning of the sex glands;
  • to activate the metabolic processes in the body;
  • relieve the stagnation of the phenomena;
  • improve the elasticity and the elasticity of the pelvic muscles.

When the proper selection of the equipment, it is essential to take into account the fact that if you have a pacemaker or a model, of a transmitter of electrical impulses, are not suitable.

In the folk medicine for the return of masculine strength

At the age of 40 the body of an adult begins to experience a severe shortage of vitamins and trace elements, which reflects badly on power. Compensate for the lack of useful substances through the vitamin complexes and means of popular medicine.

Our ancestors knew that more needs to man-up to the release of sexual impotence. On the basis of their knowledge in the grass, have invented a large amount of recipes which today are widely used among people who suffer from low power.

The tincture of alcohol of the medicinal plants

To prepare this tool need to buy in the pharmacy the following herbs:

  • the stinging nettle;
  • the carnation;
  • st. john's wort.

You should take a tablespoon of each herb and pour it into 500 ml of dilute alcohol (1: 1). The received mix is stored in a cool, dark place for 5 days, after which you should strain it and pour in a bottle or jar. Drink ready the medication should be every day in the morning and in the night of 2 to 3 tablespoons. A few weeks later, the body receives sufficient doses of substances useful and power a lot it will be strong.

The decoction of the root of calamus

The air – powerful plant that helps in the short time of say good bye to erectile dysfunction, to improve the quality of semen, as well as increase the sexual desire.

The decoction of the root of calamus

The cooking of the choir is prepared very easy. It is necessary to take 100 grams of the root of a plant and boil in liter of water. Hereinafter, pour into a clean container and drink every day half an hour before a meal of 50 ml For the strengthening of useful properties of the coro popular healer advise to add to the cooking boiling one teaspoon of ginger powder.


Massage – very good way, it helps to improve the sexual power after 40 years. He has a lot of positive reviews from doctors and is in direct physical impacts on the sex organs.

Chiropractic has a number of advantages:

  • increases the efficiency of the medications for the strengthening of the power;
  • retrieves the working of the sex glands;
  • it improves the circulation of blood in the pelvic organs;
  • stimulates the reflux of secretion of the prostate.

Massage with erectile dysfunction must perform an expert, but if you want you can do on your own. To do this, it is necessary to know some of the rules of procedure.

  1. First, you must gently massage the area between the anus and the testicles. This should be done slowly, with a little pressure.
  2. In addition, attention must be paid to the area above the pubic bone.
  3. After massaging with circular movements space between the bottom of the branch of the pubic bone and testicles.

Doctors warn that during the whole massage you can perform all the manipulations that is too intense. Strong pressure on the sexual organs is able to cause a damage.