Assessment of the means to the power

Problems have arisen in your personal life? It is time to see the current standings of the best remedies for the power. Sooner or later, in the life of every man there comes a decrease in sexual activity. If time does not take measures, this will lead to a complete powerlessness.

the improvement of the power

The pharmaceutical industry releases a large amount of drugs for the treatment of this problem. The standalone application of the drug may cause harm to your body. Home remedies are safer, produce fewer side effects, and the use of some of them for your enjoyment!

Do not stop walk to a doctor! Their advice and recommendations, to allow the development of a comprehensive approach to get rid of the problems in the shortest possible time.

The causes of the

Many men who suffer from low power, may not understand why it happened now and it is with them! And the causes of these are very common:

  • The violation of the circulation of the blood to the organs of the pelvis;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The inflammation of the prostate;
  • Frequent depression;
  • The excess of weight;
  • Psychosomatic problems;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Drug addiction and abuse of substances;
  • The exhaustion after illness.

In this situation, the understanding of the wife or the girlfriend of one of the main drugs. If the woman gives her partner the certainty of which will soon be restored, and supports and helps to deal with the depression, the recovery of the men arrive in the shortest possible time.

To begin with

Before being cured homeopathic remedies, it is necessary to change your life! Start with a simple morning tour to the open air. Totally abstain from alcohol and tobacco, develop the useful of the food of the diet, learn to time to rest, try to avoid stress. Often, just one of these measures is sufficient to increase the level of male hormones in the body.

If you need to receive the media, then don't expect immediate results. The treatment may last for several months, but the result is reliable and spectacular.

The action of the media

Recipes, increase the potency of men is an experience that is handed down from generation to generation. Popular methods of treatment have overall well-being, the effect on the body:

  • Apply in a preventative manner;
  • Resolve inflammatory processes;
  • Help restore the hormonal status;
  • Facilitate urination;
  • It increases the amount of sperm:
  • Increase libido;
  • Strengthen immunity.
  • Improves the metabolism;
  • Help to combat overweight.

Assessment of the means to the power

There are several popular groups of tools that help to improve the quality of the sex and cure impotency. Here's the rating of these media:

  • The essential oils and bad odours;
  • Seafood;
  • Food products;
  • The plants of the nature;
  • Funds of animal origin;
  • Steam bath;
  • The massage.

Most of the items on this list are aphrodisiacs, a name that resembles the name of the goddess of love aphrodite. You give strength, self-confidence, increase sexual desire, contribute to the strong inflow of blood to the sexual organ. In consequence, increases the duration of the sexual relationship, the improvement of the sensitivity and the quality of the sex, it intensifies the orgasm. In order to understand what are the tools that are best suited to all, keep in mind this list of more.

The essential oils and aromas


For the sexual arousal, not the last role played by the aromas. But here care must be taken. Not all people like the same scents, and in some cases, cause allergies. And, however, the pure body of pretty women, that it emits a smell of lavender or roses, in and of itself, sexually appealing.

Of course, the impotence with the help of aromoterapii cure can't, but with a slight sexual dysfunction, this will help to diversify the sexual activity and inspire a man to new feats.

Tool for the power

The men always turn into a girl, which exudes the subtle aroma of the spirits. Sexual appeal considered that the smell of amber. Oil of exotic plants will help deal with your fears, give you confidence in their forces and will prematurely interrupt the sexual act. The oil of patchouli, rose, verbena, rosemary, and tangerine, it is necessary to grease the place of the ripple. Add a few drops of any of these oils in a bath of warm water and the effect is immediate.


The products of the sea are rich in iodine and zinc, which helps to produce large amounts of the hormone testosterone. In addition, they contain a lot of protein, which gives strength, are considered specialties and are very expensive. In the preparation of dishes of these products, you must perform a minimum of a heat treatment process.

Food products

The most common food that we consume every day, you can improve the power:

  1. In the first place in this category totalled sweet-and-sour dairy products. Eat daily the sour cream, the yogurt and the sour milk, to coordinate the sexual function, are given the joy and the humor.
  2. The second position the deal with chicken and quail eggs. They can provide the body with proteins. The popular medicine recommends to take raw eggs in the morning on an empty stomach. Not a bad effect it has fried and scrambled eggs.
  3. Very useful the avocado. Of your appearance of this fruit that recalls the structure of the male genitalia, in addition, it is rich in vitamins, it contains natural hormones and fatty acids.
  4. The nuts and seeds of any kind, also contributes to the increase of the power. They are rich in nutrients and give a lot of energy. Chopped nuts with honey should be taking a tablespoon after eating in the period of one month. Special influence have pumpkin seeds. A small handful, eaten before breakfast, will forget the failures in bed.
  5. Such usual the onion and garlic in oil, are able to establish the sexual function of men thanks to the contained in them zinc, iron, iodine, essential oils, and also vitamins Of group b and P
  6. The importance in the improvement of the power play with vegetables and spices. Red and black pepper, added in the dish, laid by the blood and will add to the joy. Parsley, cilantro, and celery to expand
  7. the sexual act, and that strengthen feelings.
  8. The strawberry is simply magical properties. It contains the hormone of joy — endorphin, and in combination with a glass of champagne turns into the love cup

Decoctions and infusions

A lot of strength and energy gives us the nature. The sun, the air and the water, and also a kind of aphrodisiac. Field of the medicinal plants sanarn virtually any disease. It is useful to take the tea as normal with the addition of a pinch of saffron and ginger, but it is possible to prepare the process of cooking special:

  1. Very good effect gives the tincture of alcohol of ginseng, for which 150 grams of powdered root blender, pour 500 ml of vodka and leave to stand in a dark place for 40 days. Take 25 drops of the tincture in the day;
  2. Wonderful of the dye from the exotic plant worker that is sold in pharmacies — yohimbine, it helps in the most serious cases and enjoys great popularity;
  3. Well it works the powder of horse chestnut;
  4. To prepare the decoction of the herb st. john's wort, it is necessary to take two tablespoons of the dry grass and pour a glass of boiling water, after cooling strain and drink up to three times a day by spoon of hour before the meal;
  5. Four tablespoons of roots parsnip rub with 6 tablespoons of sugar, boil for 15 minutes, starting the following day — drink a tablespoon three times a day;
  6. Prepare the tea hop cones, preparing, as usual, and take on the floor-cup several times a day.

Funds of animal origin

When the local healer for the treatment of impotence completely used exotic means of toads, used ants and the like. Modern science has shown that some of these tools help you to:

  • The teals of the deer painted. — a powerful tool for increasing power, in addition, it protects the body against the effects of radiation and chemicals;
  • Beaver jet lot contains pheromones that attract women;
  • Bassist bile contains many fatty acids and promotes the production of testosterone;
  • Under the direction of a physician with experience, complete a course of treatment with the application of mummio.

Turkish bath / steam bath

Sparkling in the bathroom is always very useful. And the massage with the help of a birch broom — in general, a wonderful tool for rejuvenation of the body and the acceleration of the blood through the vessels. Sudden change of temperature (after a bath the steam — in followed in the cold body of water) invigorates and promotes the blood flow to the genitals. And yet, steam has an effect.


The increase of the power, it is necessary to massage that improves the circulation of blood in the organs of the pelvis, so as to stimulate the point, related to the sexual system of men.

The first type of massage is done with light rubbing movements on the lumbar area and the sacrum. Massage is done through pressure at the sacrum, in the period of 3 seconds, as well as the points that lie at the feet of both legs.