What foods increase sexual potency of men

Products that contain the minerals and vitamins that can help to increase the sexual desire of the representatives of the stronger sex. It is important that the diet is always present "vitamins of the breeding" – this is the type of vitamins, like A, b, And to improve the viability of the nerve impulses. One should try to consume more food that has to activate the impact, and for this you should know the products increases the sexual potency of men.

products for the power

Assessment of the useful for the power products of the

Among the large variety of these products are considered to be more effective seafood, fish, vegetables (especially turnip greens). It is still shown that cicurina (camels stomach) has a positive effect on sexual potency. What is characteristic not only important the right products, but also the manner of its consumption, but because the information provided below, it will be useful to many.

In the first place. Cicurina

Let's start with the fact that the stomach of a camel is considered as the best product for the recovery of the masculine force. Their efficacy is almost identical, such as "Viagra", that is only for the body, it is completely harmless. And the only drawback secuieni is that take this product is extremely difficult.

What is it? In fact, it is normal for camels stomach, only arid a special way. The tool accepts (even though 3 g is about as pea) 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse, or directly in front of him, and the effect occurs almost immediately.

In the second place. Oysters


Are an aphrodisiac, they are also able to stimulate the masculine force. The fact that the seafood there are many organic zinc and some amino acids – strengthen the development of testosterone, increases the amount of seminal fluid. In addition, oysters have dopamine, increases the libido. It has been shown that the zinc and other elements in the seafood, more precisely, in the time of spring, that is to say, in the active period of the breeding. In summary, in our case, it is preferable to use an oyster, which were corralled in the spring.By the heat treatment, the greater part of the useful substances which are lost, because the product is preferable to eat raw. For a better taste, you can use lemon juice – asperget them shellfish before the meal.

Note! However, too often, the consumption of oysters may cause health risks, including reproduction, due to its high mercury content. Also studies have shown that in the raw oysters is often present in the bacterium Vibrio Vulnificus, can cause numerous diseases.

In terms of contraindications, in this case, such as:

  • diabetes;
  • weakened immune system;
  • low acidity;
  • disease of the liver;
  • reception antatsidov, corticosteroids.

As a more secure alternative, you can take a bath, filled with 1/3 of the molluscs, filled with hot water. If you lie in a bathtub for at least an hour, the sexual function can help improve. And the 5 procedures can cure impotence.

The third place. The sole

She is very good and useful, a positive effect on the sexual functioning of the authority. In this fish for a long balanced protein, which is well absorbed by the body due to the small amount of connective tissue. For the fish completely maintains all of the properties, cooking due to the steam (as an option you can bake, stew). After the provision should terminate the heat treatment.

The fourth place. The mackerel cooked

Contains large amount of fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which participate in the synthesis of testosterone, and therefore has a positive impact on the sexuality, of both men and women. If you usually eat boiled mackerel, will increase the power and increase the production of sperm.

In the fifth place. The turnip

the turnip

Contains many useful substances that strengthen the body in general and sexual potency in particular, increasing the production of testosterone. Improve the erection of seeds of turnip, this action has boiled the vegetables, added to meat dishes.

There is also a special mixture, which is easy to cook: cook up a large turnip into 0.5 l of cow's milk, then rub and mix with him. To strengthen the effect of the treatment, you can add 100 g of honey. This tool should take 50 g 4 times a day.

Important! The tool is contraindicated in people who suffer from acute cholecystitis, various inflammatory processes in the intestine, hepatitis, and diseases of the cns!

What other products can be useful?

There are many other products that increase the sexual power. If you are active in the diet of some of what is presented here, you will be able to get rid of erection problems without the use of pharmaceutical funds.

The meat

Product with high energy density, enable the production of thyroxine, which, in turn, supports the excitation of the nerve centers. In the flesh of a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and therefore necessarily to be taken in the event of problems with the erection.

Berries, fruits

the raspberry to the power

These include bananas, grapes, raspberries, mango, and other similar products. Help to increase the libido both in the air and in the drying, while still providing the body the energy required. Enhances the functionality of the endocrine system, including the production of sex hormones.


In them a large amount of magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and E, that is to say, substances that are beneficial to the erection. To enhance last, you can use different nuts – walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc

To get the most benefit from the food should be consumed raw. It's even better if you combine multiple types of dried fruit and nuts together with the honey. Also keep in mind that the most effective are considered to be of cedar and nutmeg nuts.


Is a pollen (which is male genital cells), in particular in treated bees. At perga a large amount of protein, without which it is impossible normal sexual life. For good power you need a power supply that you can also get the ambrosia. It also increases the production of testosterone, improving blood flow to the penis. The word, the product acts in an integrated way.

To increase the power, every day should consume a minimum of 10 g ambrosia. If you have impotence, the amount of product that can increase the pre-consultation with the doctor.



Apply as a main dish or accompaniment to the products described above. For the power best-suited:

  • arc (all types);
  • garlic;
  • col;
  • pepper;
  • carrots;
  • asparagus;
  • radishes;
  • celery.

These vegetables contain many useful substances that help increase libido and increase sexual potency. Eat your cooked and raw.

The chocolate

In a place dark chocolate much theobromine (the effect is the same as that of caffeine), as well as phenylethylamine (increases libido, causes a sensation of love). In addition, it contains antioxidants, which improve the mood. The preference is necessary to give up is dark chocolate, containing a minimum of 65% cocoa, and to use it only in small amounts. And these are the products with aggregates are not appropriate (except with the nuts).

Drinks that increase sexual potency of men

The constant use of the beverages listed below, will help you to solve the erection problem and strengthen the body in general.

ginger tea
  1. Freshly-squeezed juices. Safe, useful, loaded the body. The undisputed leader is the juice of pomegranate contains nitrogen (a contributor to the relaxation of the circulatory system) and improves the circulation of blood. Ends with sexual problems juice of pumpkin, which is rich in zinc and other beneficial substances. Juice of watermelon contributes to the dilation of blood vessels, which impacts positively on the power. This also includes juices of all fruits/vegetables, in which a large amount of vitamin E. Remember that juices should be, precisely, juices, and not store bought!
  2. Ginger tea. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins A, b, c, and useful minerals, but because it contributes to the aclaracin of the blood and strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, stimulates the activity of the brain, and removes toxins. Thanks to all of this improves the health of men. To prepare this tea, you should take the part of ginger root (about 2 cm), to clean and chop. Obtained the mixture is poured boiling water, insist within 10 minutes. If you want, you can add the lemon, honey.

And what happens to the products that can damage the power?

Individual products can lead to the men's ailments, the reduction of the sexual activity. It is evident that the diet of these products it is desirable to exclude or at least minimize their amount. Everything that is harmful affects to the power of the list can not, therefore, focus only on the main points: sausages, alcohol, coriander, coffee, soft drinks, soy, flaxseed oil, fatty milk.

Finally note that, in addition to the above, in the android payment capacity may affect negatively the excess of salt, sugar and other substances in the that the man need on a daily basis.