Folk remedies to increase potency in 3 days.

For a long time, home remedies to support potency in men were in high demand due to a lack of medications and proper medical care. Medicinal herbs are recognized as the most effective and effective, recipes with their use are still used today. Also, it is not usual to solve potency problems in the initial stage with drugs and medical techniques. Today, improved and modified recipes may even promise to increase potency with home remedies in 3 days.

Simple methods to renew the male libido and return a man to his previous strengths involve the use of home remedies such as hops, honey, walnuts, parsley, coriander, parsnips, aralia root, and many other plants. . And to achieve the desired effect, he only needs to know how to properly prepare the remedy for potency, the scheme for taking it, and strictly adhere to the recommendations.

List of effective recipes

Regular and high-quality sex with a woman is not only a constitutive element of a man's life, but also a way to optimize blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on all other systems and organs.

home remedies to increase potency

For reference!In a man's life, sooner or later, a problem such as decreased male libido and dysfunction of the genitals may arise. There are a number of popular recipes that can urgently restore potency and rehabilitate a man in a matter of days.

  1. Jump. . . Hop cones should be cut as finely as possible with a knife, a tablespoon of raw materials should be brewed in a glass of boiling water and boiled on the fire for about 1 minute, after which it should be insisted for about half an hour. Strained intoxicated broth is filtered and consumed in 2-3 servings a day, half a glass.
  2. Parsley, coriander. . . Dry leaves of vegetation must be cut with a knife, he insisted on a glass of boiling water. You need to take the broth every day several times a day, it is also advisable to use fresh vegetables with a tablespoon with a meal.
  3. parsley to increase potency
  4. Honey with walnuts. . . Finely chopped walnuts should be mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio, after which the product should be taken in a tablespoon immediately after a meal, washed down with whole milk. 2-3 times a day is enough to feel a surge of strength and energy on the third day. Such a remedy has a beneficial effect on the production of hormones, and also replenishes the supply of vitamins and minerals.
  5. Aralia root. . . This herbal remedy is prepared as a tincture. The crushed root in the amount of 1 tablespoon must be diluted with alcohol. In a glass container, the product is infused in a cool, dark room for 14 days, after which it is filtered and taken in small doses between meals.
  6. Parsnip. . . This plant is used as a seasoning for main fish or meat dishes. In addition, the infusion can be prepared from parsnip seeds. For this, a tablespoon of raw materials is dissolved in a glass of boiling water, insisted for half an hour and taken several times a day.
  7. Garlic. . . This vegetable is recognized as the best preventive measure against almost all diseases, including those related to the genitals. Garlic should be consumed regularly and also as a tincture. You have to peel a kilo of garlic, chop it as finely as possible. In a three-liter glass jar, garlic is diluted with boiling water, after which it is infused for a month, stirring the contents regularly. Every day the remedy is taken in a teaspoon.
  8. garlic to increase potency
  9. Turnip. . . This vegetable can also be eaten fresh, as well as decoctions and tinctures. You can treat erectile dysfunction with a decoction of turnips in milk. Root vegetables can be stewed and eaten as a salad with carrots.
  10. Ginger. . . For men, dried ginger with honey, which is mixed in a 1: 1 ratio, is considered extremely valuable. You should take such a mixture in a teaspoon three times a day. In addition to improving libido, this recipe will help strengthen the human immune system.
  11. Ginseng. . . Nearly 80% of male potency drugs include ginseng, which increases testosterone production and also has a beneficial effect on sperm quality. For home treatment, you need to get the ginseng root, chop it with a knife and dissolve it in vodka, the approximate ratio is 1: 20. In a cool dark room, the tincture is kept for 14 days, after which leaks out. You should take the remedy before each meal three times a day, 20 drops.
  12. ginseng root to increase potency
  13. Carrot. . . This vegetable has also established itself as an effective and healthy way to increase male libido. It is better to eat fresh carrots, in the form of juice, which must be mixed with honey. Every day you should have a quarter glass of juice three times a day.

For reference!Sexologists strongly recommend that all men fill their plates with pulmonary herbs. All kinds of nuts, dates, shellfish, fresh eggs, herbs, homemade milks, and much more are also considered useful.

Other ways to quickly increase libido

In addition to traditional medicine, there are various methods and rules to prevent sexual dysfunction and restore male strength. It is worth remembering that the potency is directly affected by several unfavorable factors: stress, bad ecology, unhealthy diet, bad habits, unhealthy sleep, psycho-emotional disorders.

running to increase power

You can increase libido in the following ways:

  • An active lifestyle must be combined with healthy sleep. For normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs, you need to walk for at least 40 minutes a day, the duration of sleep should not be less than 9 hours.
  • Alcohol and smoking adversely affect the work of the hormonal system, therefore, in order to maintain potency, it is worth giving up such habits.
  • Stress and conflicts also negatively affect the work of many internal organs, as well as the potency of a man. Therefore, if necessary, he can take a course of herbal sedatives.
  • A man's diet should contain cereals and vegetables, as well as protein foods, fresh fruits, and berries.
  • At least once a week, a man needs to be outdoors to saturate the body with oxygen and clean air.

In combination, all of the above methods of returning potency in a matter of days will restore male libido, not allowing a man to lose faith in his abilities. When the first signs of a decrease in potency appear, he should not solve the problem with a bunch of drugs. It has been shown that in the initial stages of such a problem, traditional medicine guarantees a long and stable result.