Products that increase potency

Mankind has been searching for drugs that increase male potency for a long time. Aphrodisiacs: the Greeks gave them this name in honor of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. But the masculine force does not only depend on them. His commitment is to a balanced diet and a well thought out diet that contains all the substances necessary for the male body. What products that increase potency in men should be present in it?

The composition of the male diet

In the old days, it was believed that special products with a specific activating effect were needed for male sexual activity. Such action was attributed in Europe to nuts and raw chicken eggs, and in the East, to snake blood, rhino horn, and the seminal glands of various animals. The Chinese still believe that the best way to increase sexual activity is dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood.

honey and walnuts to increase potency

Today, scientists have found that the male body does not need such exotic products, but those that contain enough vitamins A and E. In addition to them, vitamin B must also be present in food, which ensures the effective conduction of nerve impulses. The potency in men also depends on the amount of food and is markedly reduced by overeating. At the same time, a hungry person has practically no sexual activity.

The diet of a sexually active man must be balanced and varied, satisfying the energy needs of the body. It should contain protein and plant foods. The presence in it of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc is important. Unsaturated fats and natural carbohydrates improve erection well, and foods rich in antioxidants and theobromine alkaloid are responsible for the feeling of love.

Therefore, having made the proper correction of a man's nutrition, it is possible to significantly increase his sexual activity.

Products that improve potency

If we call specific products that increase potency in men, first of all it will be herbal products. These are walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, of which it is enough to eat only 100 grams per day. Fruit: figs, pomegranates, citrus fruits. As for vegetables, this includes all varieties of onions, which are good for restoring hormonal balance and increasing sexual activity. Its properties have been noted since the days of Ancient Rome. Then they wrote that the bow is capable of pushing even lazy husbands into the arms of Venus. Because of this quality, he was even forbidden to eat in monasteries. If you mix onions with eggs, their positive effect on the male body will increase several times. Garlic is another aphrodisiac found in every home. It has a good effect on male abilities and common turnip. For these purposes, it is boiled with meat. But even its seeds alone are capable of awakening desire and increasing potency.

useful food products for potency

Even Freud pointed out that rye bread, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, and nettles enhance men's sexual function. The dandelion occupies a special place on this list. Not for nothing have French lovers even invented a special dandelion diet. After all, several of its leaves, plucked during the flowering period, significantly increase male sexual abilities.

Dairy products also have a positive effect on increasing potency: cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream. And, of course, meat and fish should be in the diet more often. Here the meat of cattle and smaller cattle of male animals is preferable. One of the most effective meat products is the camel stomach. This remedy is so strong that you only need to consume it in 3 grams, which is equivalent to a piece the size of a pea, before intercourse. Eating the seminal glands of males is considered a traditional means of increasing male strength. In Georgian cuisine, there is a corresponding dish - stewed beef or lamb eggs with onions in combination with boiled chicken eggs. Fish is also not suitable for anyone. In amorous-erotic cuisine, the fish that evokes love is the flounder. It is better to use it in any form, but not fried. With frequent use, boiled mackerel also gives a wonderful effect, improving not only potency, but also increasing the chance of conception.

For those who want to improve their qualities as a lover, it is very useful to eat shellfish: mussels, shrimp, crustaceans, since they contain large amounts of zinc and selenium, precisely those minerals that directly affect male sexual function. So the famous Casanova for breakfast ate up to 50 oysters, also welcomed hot chocolate with crushed nuts. All of this contributed to his extraordinary masculine strength. The most useful are the marine mollusks caught in spring during their breeding season. At this time, they contain the highest amount of amino acids that activate sex hormones.

Regarding the consumption of fats, it is necessary to know that the fats that contain unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, 6 will increase the level of testosterone in the blood, these are olive, flaxseed, peanut oil, fish oil.

useful products for potency

Greens serve as an excellent addition to all dishes. Only for men it is better to give preference to parsley, celery, coriander and spinach. They contain not only the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals, but also plant analogues of male hormones.

Sweets also have an aphrodisiac effect. Honey collected from jasmine or orchids, combined with walnuts, is especially good. A mixture of 100 grams of walnuts and 1 tablespoon. tablespoons of honey is called a means of shock to increase the sexual activity of a man. You need to eat it daily for 1 tablespoon. spoon about 3-4 hours before bedtime. The effect, of course, is not instantaneous. It manifests itself within a few days of regular admission.

It stimulates potency and alcohol-containing drinks in small doses, but at the same time, beer activates the production of the female sex hormone estrogen and consequently reduces the production of the male hormone.

Folk recipes to increase potency.

Some products are more durable and reliable when combined with others. This is how recipes for various mixes and dishes come up.

Since the eighteenth century we have received a recipe for the so-called male soup:

take 2 tbsp. tablespoons of finely minced meat, minced bone, a minced onion, carrots and turnips, 1 tbsp. a tablespoon of nettle, 4 dandelion leaves are poured with hot water and boiled for about 10 minutes, then infused for half an hour. Then the nettle and dandelion leaves are laid out on the bottom of the plate, poured with hot soup and seasoned with sour cream.

In the old days, another composition that increased potency in men was very popular with healers:

take 200 grams of raisins, prunes, dried figs, mixed with 12 peeled walnuts, finely chopped and mixed. Store in a cold place, take 2 tablespoons in the afternoon. spoons, sprinkled with sour milk or yogurt.

The following recipe has been used for a long time to this day:

1 kg of juicy garlic is crushed, placed in a three-liter bottle, poured on top with water and hermetically closed. With daily stirring, the month is infused in a dark place. Accepted for 1 tsp. with a glass of milk once a day until the end of the infusion. In addition to increasing potency, there is a general rejuvenation of the body, cleaning of blood vessels, improvement of hearing and vision.

What Foods Should Men Avoid?

Before you start increasing your potency, it will not be superfluous to find out which foods can make this difficult. Besides the beer mentioned above, legumes should be avoided, especially soy, which is rich in phytoestrogens. It is worth considering that soy is now added to many products, especially hot dogs. This means that cheap types of hot dogs and sausages shouldn't have a place in a man's diet.

Foods that reduce libido include carbonated drinks, smoked meats, white bread, flour products, mayonnaise, potato chips, and mint. Alcoholic beverages in this matter are a double-edged sword. Small doses of alcohol greatly stimulate sexual desires, but this happens only for a short time, then its effect is drastically weakened, the man only feels tired. There is nothing to say about large doses, therefore when using alcohol to increase potency, you need to remember the sense of proportion. Energy drinks are also very harmful to men.

In addition to malnutrition, men's health is affected by prolonged smoking, drunkenness, drug use, nervous and physical overload, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Rational nutrition of men

a woman feeds a man with products to empower

The preparation of products for male nutrition should be carried out in such a way that the loss of valuable substances during cooking is minimal, that is, in stews, boiled or, in the worst case, baked. Do not use mayonnaise to dress salads or use ketchup as a dip. Instead, it is better to use olive or sesame oil. Store-bought meat that is often fed estrogen on farms is best boiled into broths.

Even knowing exactly the products that increase the potency of a man, you should not force events and gorge yourself in one go with dozens of eggs, bowls of cottage cheese and jars of honey. This will not lead to anything good, it will only result in overeating, new fat deposits, or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The best assimilation of food and the valuable elements it contains occurs when it is fed in divided portions 5-6 times a day. This approach ensures the health of all body organs and systems, including the male reproductive sphere.