How to quickly increase the power of a man.

Every man has a time when he asks himself the question: how to increase power and avoid unpleasant surprises in bed.

Stress, problems at work, "goats" on the roads, it is not surprising that when returning home completely exhausted, a man is not able to prove himself at the highest level in sexual terms. However, do not rush to cancel plans for the evening, below we will give you several ways that will help you rise from the ashes and pleasantly surprise your beloved.

You just need to know a few tricks, after which inner freshness and a feeling of joy will bring you back to the game

Forget about the hard day you have today and the problems you have, now you just have to focus on arriving at the appointed time in all the weapons.

Nutrition to increase potency

A special dinner is required. Take fifty grams of almonds and the same amount of raisins, stir and eat. You can drink it with warm water and honey. These ingredients are a wonderful source of glucose, which will fill your body with the necessary energy in the shortest possible time. Make it a rule to eat thirty grams of almonds every day, in the shortest possible time you will notice how your masculine strength has improved.

The substance contained in almonds has a relaxing effect on the blood vessels of the body, has an effective effect on improving blood circulation in the lower body and helps to increase potency in men.

Sleep is the key to success

You may know that many of humanity's great minds have made short-term sleep use a rule and have slept for 10-15 minutes to give the body a little rest and gain strength. Benefit from the wisdom of scientists and creative people who have gone down in history as prominent personalities.

good rest to increase power

There are two things to consider:

  • You don't need to sleep more than 20 minutes;
  • You must set an alarm clock so that all efforts are not in vain, if you sleep through the night and miss a meeting with a girl;

Lie down and cover your eyes from any light impact so it doesn't interfere with you or irritate your eyes. Give yourself a mental attitude that you need to fall asleep as soon as possible, after which you will wake up full of strength and vigor. Again, don't go back to what happened in the day and reflect tomorrow, focus on the fact that you need to gain strength.

Lie down comfortably with all parts of your body completely free. Relax the muscles in your eyes, face, arms, and legs. Feel the currents of heat that circulate through your body like the tide of the sea. Pay attention to your breathing. You should not try to regulate your breathing rate in any way with a deep breath and a slow exhale. Just give your body total freedom and you will feel like after a while you will begin to breathe calmly and evenly.

Waking up is an important point, a great way to get out of sleep is to wake up a few moments before the alarm goes off. But getting up with the alarm clock will be acceptable, the main thing is to remember that the dream should be short. Don't be discouraged if you haven't been able to sleep yet. The main thing is that you gave your body a break and relaxed after all the nervous events of your workday.

Exercises to increase power

Get up and do some light exercise to wake up from a little nap. You must not seriously load your muscles, otherwise you will waste all the energy that you so carefully tried to accumulate while waiting for the sexual continuation of the night. Do several sets of push-ups, squats, or pull-ups. Choose exercises that you can do with pleasure and without effort.

In contrast

The last step, after which you will feel much more cheerful and ready to hit your partner, is a contrast shower. The contrasting temperatures of the water will refresh you and give you a boost of freshness, causing a powerful release of testosterone, so necessary for you to pleasantly surprise a woman. Now you are ready to continue the evening in the company of a girl and the fatigue is gone. Stock up on a good mood and move on to conquer the beautiful half of humanity.